Inspired by the ideals of ethical AI (artificial intelligence), we formed NeuralRays AI in 2018 to help clients use emerging technologies to create innovative solutions that deliver positive human and business outcomes.

In our increasingly connected world, we believe passionately that AI’s real potential is as a technological force for good. If applied positively, it has the potential to accelerate the digital economy and the transformation of life at large. For this to succeed, AI solutions must be trustworthy, predictable, fair and transparent. These principles also lie at the heart of all we do in NeuralRays AI, from how we treat our staff to the ways in which we engage with our clients and their clients.

With offices in London, UK, and Chennai, India, and working with technology partners globally, we are well positioned to deliver future-proofed solutions across industries, sectors and locations.

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Tony Scott

Founder CEO


Senthil Loganathan

Founder COO