Data Strategy Consulting

Every good AI strategy is built upon a successful data strategy. We can help you get started on your AI journey.

We provide cross-functional teams of data engineers, data scientists and machine learning professionals to work with you and your teams. We assist you in developing the best data strategy, architecture and governance to fulfil your business objectives and desired outcomes.

Using an outcomes-based approach, our consulting and advisory services will assist your teams in developing strategies for the adoption of modern and emerging technologies including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, predictive modelling, blockchain, social media analytics and more.


Data Science and AI Consulting

We help you leverage the power of AI to transform your business outcomes regardless of where you are on your data science journey.

Our consulting services provide expert advice and strategic insight to help you leverage AI effectively. Our expert consultants collaborate directly with your team to provide complete assessments and recommendations on AI deployment. Based on your organisation's unique circumstances and needs, topics can range from technical infrastructure design to ethical issues surrounding data exploitation.

With a focus on innovation and business objectives, we will help you traverse the complicated AI ecosystem and unlock its full potential to revolutionise your operations and decision-making.


Custom AI Development

We harness the power of AI and machine learning to engineer future-ready, agile and scalable solutions for you today.

Artificial intelligence not only lowers the costs and complexity of business operations, it can also boost the performance and efficiency of your business solutions. We work with you and your team to develop digital and data-driven solutions that exploit the full power of AI. We help your company derive meaningful insights from customer and market behaviour, enabling the creation of innovative digital solutions. By leveraging AI's capabilities, we can help you overcome complicated challenges and propel your organisation to the next level.


AI-Driven Automation

We use AI-powered automation to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing your team up to focus on the value-added activities in which humans excel. We are independent professionals ideally placed to support your automation goals.

Automation can be used to boost human productivity in both front-office and back-office operations, as well as in IT functions such as application support and quality assurance. Because of our technical independence, we can select the most appropriate automation frameworks to achieve the greatest results for your organisation.

Our domain experts collaborate with your team to create use cases that optimise the return on your AI automation investments. This includes creating rapid prototypes and minimal viable products (MVPs). More importantly, we can assist you with scaling these optimally into full-scale production systems that deliver your desired business outcomes.