Data Strategy Consulting


Every AI strategy is built upon a successful data strategy. We can help you to get started on your AI journey.

We provide cross-functional teams of data engineers, data scientists and machine learning/AI experts to work with your teams. We help define the right data strategy to meet your business objectives and desired outcomes. We define the optimum data architecture and governance to enable you to integrate the various data silos in your organisation.

Data Science and AI Consulting


Harness the power of data science to shape your AI and machine learning solutions. We help you engineer future-ready solutions that are both agile and scaleable.

Our domain experts work with your teams to identify the use cases that maximise the return on your machine learning and AI investments. This includes developing rapid prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs). More importantly, we are able to help you scale these optimally into full scale production systems that deliver your desired business outcomes.

Taking an outcomes-based approach, we offer advisory services that help your teams develop capabilities around modern and emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, predictive modelling, Blockchain, social media analytics and more.

AI Solution Development


We work with you and your teams to apply AI to solve tomorrow’s business problems today.

Whether applied to your day-to-day operations or to your next business transformation initiative, AI can both supercharge the performance and efficiency of business solutions and reduce the associated costs and risks of business operations.

AI-Driven Automation


AI-driven automation is eliminating mundane and repetitive work, freeing up people to focus on more value-adding activities in which humans excel. We are independent experts ideally placed to support your automation aspirations.

Automation can be applied to augment human productivity across both front and back office business functions, as well as commodity IT functions including application support and testing.

Our technology independence allows us to choose the best automation framework to deliver the best outcomes for your business.