Risk Management Software Platform

Transformational decision and risk management software for businesses leading to better decisions and better outcomes

Sectors: Multi-sector including Engineering, Infrastructure, Construction, Energy, Defence and Financial Services

Developed by NeuralRays AI, the Riskwell risk management software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite drives organisations into putting risk management at the heart of their decision making. Riskwell’s innovative software enables current best practice in risk management, breaking down corporate siloes with the ability to analyse risks at every level and function across an entire organisation, programme or project.

Riskwell’s software:

  • Helps customers achieve top level risk management maturity;
  • Focuses risk activities on collaboration, evergreen data, improved decision-making and action closeout, markedly improving project delivery and business performance;
  • Is a secure SaaS platform so customers benefit from regular upgrades and new, client-led features.

NeuralRays AI worked with Riskwell’s founders, each an experienced risk practitioner with many years of corporate and risk management experience across multiple industries, to architect, design and develop the Riskwell SaaS suite.

Visit www.riskwell.co.uk to learn more.

Digital Banking Platform

The next generation of digital banking

Sector: Financial Services

The N7 Banking platform developed by NeuralRays AI answers the needs of financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. With customer experience at its heart, our team developed a ‘digital-bank-in-a-box’ platform consisting of core banking, mobile banking and net banking solutions and a loan origination and management system. This API-led platform was built in a modular way using cloud native technologies with customers’ security as the key priority.

Visit www.N7Banking.com to learn more.

Geriatric Care Platform

Increasing the efficiency and quality of geriatric caregiving through digitalisation

Sector: Healthcare

Long-term geriatric care is a pressing problem for all western societies. While the demand for care consultancy continues to increase, the availability of geriatric caregivers is sadly not keeping pace. Focused initially on addressing the most pressing caregiving challenges in Germany, the solution built by NeuralRays AI is an end-to-end software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform consisting of a web-based administration product for care managers, a web-based product for patients and a mobile product for caregivers. The platform simplifies caregiving services for both caregivers and patients, and additionally makes it easier for patients to access their health insurance services.

Visit https://pflegedigital.net/ to learn more.

Blockchain-Based Digital Health Platform

Redefining how healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed and paid for

Sector: Healthcare

The platform built by NeuralRays AI serves as a comprehensive healthcare application for administrators, clinicians and patients. Administrators use the platform to handle appointment booking, referrals, eligibility checks, enrolment and payments. Clinicians use it for managing chronic diseases, preventative care, episodic care, wellness checks and quality measurement. Patients access the platform to make appointments, book transport, manage prescriptions, engage in care circles and process claims.

Built on blockchain technology, the platform supports health insurance companies, benefit administrators, government and clinical organisations, accountable care organisations and employers. It significantly transforms the way in which physicians deliver and manage patient care, thereby reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management System

IoT-based system for material and inventory management

Sector: Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, significant time is spent locating, monitoring and tracking assets through the entire supply chain lifecycle. The solution developed by NeuralRays AI helps track assets and their current location and condition using radio frequency ID (RFID) and QR code tags, thereby resolving asset audit issues resulting from missing assets. It can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP. The solution increases the efficiency of asset tracking and monitoring across an enterprise-wide landscape.

Oil and Gas Analytics

Enterprise search using AI

Sector: Energy

In the oil and gas industry, drilling reports can run to hundreds of pages and contain a wealth of information stored as text, tables, numbers, diagrams and photographs. Searching for information across these reports can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when there are years, or even decades, of report files to search. To address this issue for its oil and gas client, NeuralRays AI developed a Google-like search capability using natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition to search across vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. This included scanned images and old typewritten text in PDF files through to more modern text, audio and video files.

Our solution searches through these files and produces output indicating exactly where and how the search text is used, with a useful additional summary of its context. Where appropriate, the solution identifies images relevant to the text and shows in graphical form the exact point in an audio or video file in which it appears.

AI-Based Vehicle Assembly Line Defect Detection

Computer vision to detect defects in a construction vehicle assembly line

Sector: Automotive manufacturing

Late detection of vehicle defects in a multi-stage vehicle assembly line can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, especially if it requires stopping the assembly line or even moving a vehicle back to an earlier stage. Hence, it is important that defects are identified as early as possible in the assembly process. To automate this currently manual process for one of the world’s largest construction vehicle manufacturing companies, NeuralRays AI built a camera-based solution using machine vision and edge computing techniques to identify assembly line trick defects in real-time. The edge-based camera was integrated with custom-built software to monitor and alert the user to identified defects. The user can review the details of the detected issues using a dashboard-based application, allowing for corresponding action to be taken on the defect before the vehicle moves to the next stage of assembly.

Retail Macro and Micro Space Optimisation

Digital transformation solution for retailers in a post-pandemic world

Sector: Retail

High inflation and rising fuel and energy costs are not only driving up business costs but also reducing the spending confidence of consumers. In this environment, digital transformation initiatives can provide a much-needed boost to retail business performance.

NeuralRays AI was asked by a major UK supermarket chain to demonstrate an in-store retail space optimisation solution. Recognising that every retail organisation is looking at how it can improve its online and in-store customer experience while simultaneously reducing operating costs and improving profitability, our solution showed how our client could increase profitability through optimising both stock selection across their stores and the layout within each store down to shelf level.